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Chalon Sur Saône

Start on a voyage of discovery around historical Chalon sur Saône, from the Nicephore Niepce museum to the chateaux of southern Burgundy and the Chalonnais countryside.  Taste the wonderful food of Burgundy and its specialities, discover the best places to eat and awaken your senses with Burgundy wines.  Follow the Voie Verte on foot, on horseback, on rollerskates or on a bike and discover vineyards, water meadows, forests...Stroll around or hunt for bargains in the historic town centre, where the shopkeepers and marketeers of Chalon will keep a warm welcome for you.

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The Voie Verte (bicycle path) : Chalon sur Saône - Mâcon

We are 300m far from the beautiful Voie Verte (bicycle path) : Chalon  →  Givry  →  Charnay lès Mâcon (70km). We can keep your bikes and refill your batteries.

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